Mar 2, 2017

James Durbin takes over the mic as lead singer for Quiet Riot !!!

From Metal Sludge:    On April 21, the new Quiet Riot album Road Rage appears – but the singer Seann Nichols (Adler’s Appetite), who was to be heard, was already sent back to the desert. After only five concerts, the drums have been separated, as drummer Frankie Banali tells ROCKS: “Seann has done a great job on the record, but a band is not just talented – you have to get together.”
According to Banali, the customary artistic and personal differences have led to the unanimous decision that an amicable separation is in the interest of the band. “We had to make the best decision for Quiet Riot. If there are problems so early in the co-operation, it’s better to pull the emergency brake. “Over the last six years, the group has worn four singers – including Love / Hate frontman Jizzy Pearl.
As a successor to Seann Nichols, Quiet Riot have already committed James Durbin. The 28-year-old has been known in the US since his final participation in the American Idol talent show, where he joined Judas Priest in 2011. According to Banali, Durbin had long been his first choice for the singer post: “When I wrote the material for Road Rage with my songwriting partner Neil Citron, James was my favorite. Because he had other commitments, I had to look for a replacement, and Seann Nichols was the third on my candidate list. Of course, I would prefer James to be heard on Road Rage – but you can only work with the people who are currently available.”
The plans for a video clip have been rejected by Quiet Riot as a result of these recent developments: “The dilemma is that I should ask James to move his lips to the vocals of another. I do not want to put him in an unpleasant situation, which could give the fans a wrong impression. But I’ve already started writing new songs for an album with James, which will be released next year.”

Jun 10, 2016

James Durbin claims video countdown top spot

Well done everyone who's out there voting and supporting!

May 26, 2015

Album #3 available for pre-orders on !!!

And there are dozens of incredible options for all budgets!  Please get in there and show James how much you want to hear more music from him!  We're Right Behind You, James!

Apr 10, 2015

Canyon Club 1/11/15

An exceptional video of the entire show at the Canyon Club, Agoura Hills, CA has been posted and we'd like to share it with all of you.  Thanks very much to Joe Dolan for shooting and posting this great video!  Enjoy!!!

Jan 16, 2015

Cali tour done and done! What did you miss?

James and his new band have just wrapped up a quick tour of the California coast with stops in Santa Cruz, Agoura Hills, Hermosa Beach and back up to Oakland.  Stay tuned for more in-depth reporting on the two I was fortunate enough to catch, but in a nutshell, all four were DA BOMB!

James has three new bandmates, and we hope they stick around for a long time to come! The talent on that stage is over the top!  Robert Tovar takes over on lead guitar and is blindingly articulate on those strings.  His practiced and precise technique combined with his musicality makes for a very well-rounded and exciting performance and his chemistry with James is spot-on.  Dj Patton picks up the bass and gives the band a rock-solid foundation with a lot of style.  "Style" however is an understatement when we get to Eric James Patterson on drums.  Eric is hilarious, unbelievably creative, and a downright freakin amazingly skilled drummer.  Together with James' maturing vocals, the band is better than I've ever heard it sound.  It was a excellently cohesive unit.

Three new songs are debuted and carried through all four sets from various stages of James' career.  "Lost Boys" opens each show at a hard-driving and almost frantic pace.  "Riot on Sunset" quickly claimed a spot in my favorites, from James' days with his old band, the Hollywood Scars.  But the real gem is "In the Shadows," an almost painfully tender ballad in which James manages to whisper AND wail.  This song could easily hit #1 on the Billboard charts - we really hope it gets a chance to be heard.

Check out YouTube for a few videos of these latest shows, you won't be disappointed!

Jan 1, 2015

Happy 2015 Durbinators!!!

The Durbinators of James' Outcast Army would like to wish James, Heidi, Hunter and Kinzee a marvelous 2015 that is richly blessed, boundlessly happy and completely fulfilling! 

Dec 6, 2014

Lots of News!!!

Lots of great news since we last updated you!    James and Heidi welcomed their second child, precious little Kinzee Cruz Durbin to their family on November 21st.  Congratulations to mom, dad and new big brother, Hunter!

And.... James is starting off 2015 with four west-coast shows!!!  He kicks it off on Friday, January 9th in none other than the Catalyst, Santa Cruz!  The James Durbin Street Team jumped on this opportunity to properly shout out the event to the citizens of Santa Cruz with a campaign of more than 100 print posters set to hit SC streets this week!  Watch for them, they rock! :)

The Canyon Club in Agoura Hills is next on the bill on Jan 11th, followed by Hermosa Beach on the 14th and wrapping up at Yoshi's in Oakland on Jan 15th.  We're hoping this is just the beginning of more shows to light up 2015 for Durbinators everywhere! 

James has three new band-mates to bring full-on electric rock 'n roll back to DurbiNation; the amazing Robert Tovar is featured on lead guitar, with DJ Patton of San Carlos, CA on bass and Eric James Peterson of Sunnyvale, CA kicking it on drums.   James promises we'll hear new tracks never performed before at these shows - and we can't wait to hear and feel the chemistry of the new band!